Abena Korkor descends on Nana Aba and Serwaa Amihere once again





Our very own controversial bipolar patient, Abena Korkor has once again descended on Nana Aba Anamoah and beautiful Serwaa Amihere once again.

I think it’s now safe to say Abena Korkor intentionally attacks celebrities just to be in the news and also tarnish their hard-earned reputation.




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This same Abena Korkorwith a chameleon’s behaviours apologized to Nana Aba on UTV during one of the episodes of United Showbiz but has now gotten the confidence to insult the respected media personality and her protege once again.

As we all know, Abena Korkor has always accused Nana Aba and Serwaa Amihere of sleeping with big men for money yet she has been doing more than worse of it behind closed doors.

In a new video that has been spotted on her IG page, she blasted and attacked Nana Aba and Serwaa Amihere for funding their lavish lifestyle with ashawo and covering it with media work.





According to her, Serwaa Amihere has denied having knowledge about a certain big man at Daks Capital after chopping his money

Look at a pot calling a kettle black, Abena Korkor is just jealous because she doesn’t even have a car yet after sleeping with over 100 men.





As usual, we will wake up tomorrow morning to see an apology message from her because that’s what she always does after fooling.


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