Black Sherif talks about his father, his business and wealth





Ghanaian musician, Black Sherif, has explained why, amongst his parents, he has chosen to speak more about his mother than about his father.

According to him, he inherited his height from his father but it does not mean he had made a decision to exclude him from his songs.

Answering a question from Abeiku Santana on why he does not seem to feature his father’s name in his songs, Black Sherif revealed that his new song has his father’s name in it.



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He also revealed that his parents all live abroad in Greece thus the only reason he has not joined them yet was for his schooling.

Black Sherif revealed on the show that he does not necessarily see himself as someone who comes from a well-to-do family but he acknowledged that his father owns one of the biggest tile companies located on the Konongo-Kumasi highway, Be Bold Tiles.





“I have my father’s name featured in my new song. My father’s nickname is Be Bold. I am in Ghana because I’m schooling. I do not see myself as one who comes from a well-to-do family but my father has sufficient money,” Black Sherif said.




Black Sherif has released a new track titled Kwaku The Traveller which has been making waves in recent days. Although critics say the song is not one of his best, people seem to be enjoying it.


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