Don’t blame your suffering on satan; politicians caused it – Yvonne Nelson




Actress Yvonne Nelson says the people of Ghana deserve what politicians are doing to them.

In Ghana currently, the standard of living has skyrocketed beyond abnormal levels. Fuel and other essential items keep increasing by the day.

The actress in a tweet said satan should not be blamed for the challenges mankind is going through on earth but politicians.

“You think satan is on earth making your life difficult? It’s the politician, I can assure you of that!.”



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But the actress received very insulting comments from some people who did not agree with her position.

Reacting to the comments, Yvonne Nelson said the people deserve the suffering because they do not want to hold politicians and people in leadership positions accountable.

“From the comments, you’d understand why the people keep suffering. The people themselves pamper politicians. I guess you all deserve how they treat you then. I pray you receive sense! I will block you if you bring your partisan self here.”



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