Ghana Will Not Swear In Next President-Elect On January 7, 2025 – Eagle Prophet

The Eagle Prophet, Reindolph Oduro Gyebi, the General Overseer of God’s Crown Chapel, has predicted that Ghana will not swear in its elected president on January 7 for the first time following the 2024 elections.

Despite his refusal to reveal the contents of the prophecy, he did say that the president-elect will be sworn in for the first time in 2025 on a different day.

“We shall vote in 2024 and swear in the president in 2025,” he declared in an interview with a Kumasi radio station. We normally swear them in on January 7, but the president will not be sworn in on that date in 2025. All I know is that he will be sworn in on a separate day.

Ghana’s next presidential and parliamentary elections will take place in 2024. Prophets across the country have been accustomed to revealing what they have seen ahead of every election, usually at their end-of-year all-night ceremonies.

Prior to the December 31 watchnight services in 2021, the police advised religious groups and leaders to be cautious in their prophetic pronouncements.

The Service issued a statement urging religious leaders to ensure that their forecasts do not harm others’ rights or the public interest.

Based on this directive many leaders were unable to give prophecies about what is expected in the country in the coming year.

However, some have also taken to radio stations to share their prophecies about the nation.

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