How an NPP aspirant was disqualified for bonking a campaign manager’s wife

Chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Upper East Region Lawyer Anthony Namoo has revealed that he disqualified a candidate from contesting for an Executive position in the Nabdam Constituency because he slept with his campaign manager’s wife.

He revealed that the unnamed individual had contested for Assemblyman elections and whiles his campaign manager was busy combing the village to garner votes for him, he was also busy sleeping with his wife.

After the Assembly elections and having engaged in such an act of immorality, the man submitted his forms for an executive position in the NPP but got disqualified by Anthony Namoo.

He said he disqualified the man because NPP is a conservative party, which religiously upholds societal norms and values and frowns on ills in the society, hence, would not countenance such acts, especially from people, who seek executive positions in the party.

He made this disclosure when he was responding to questions on Bolgatanga-based Dreamz Fm monitored by on why people from his home constituency are at loggerheads with him.

Anthony Namoo said he will not compromise on principles to make the party better even though the party needs following.

“I remember in Nabdam, somebody who was campaigning to become an assembly member, the one who was following him to campaign, the campaign manager, he went and had intercourse with the wife and you want to be a party’s executive and you suspend such person and you have people thinking that you are dictator or something,” he stated in an interview on Zuarungu-based Word FM.

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He added, “This is a conservative party. It values family principles. It values chieftaincy. It values religion, it values all that embodies good in society and so we must shape ourselves. Political parties are not meant for riffraff. It is a noble profession to be a politician and therefore, if you are a politician and you are of the NPP’s stock, whatever you do, reflects on the party. Is that not so? If you do something bad, they will not even mention your name, they will say NPP executive. That is what they will say. If I do something bad, they will not even say Anthony Namoo from Zanlerigu. They will say the NPP’s regional chairman. So I have to be mindful of my conduct in society”.


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