Massive ‘Dumsor’ Looms Over Worrying Energy Situation – John Jinapor




Former Deputy Energy Minister, John Jinapor is predicting doom for Ghana’s electricity supply chain.

According to him, the country may be plunged back into darkness if nothing is done about the energy situation which he describes as worrying.

This comes on the back of revelations made by the Energy Minister, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh on Wednesday which, he says, paints a gloomy image of the country’s excess capacity.

Mr Jinapor noted that the Energy Commission recommends that there is a Reserve Margin of 18% above the peak demand.

But this is not the case on the ground per his assessment of the sector Minister’s address at the Information Ministry.

“The Energy Minister’s press briefing this morning at the Information Ministry confirmed a system Peak demand of 3,469MW against dependable capacity of 3,861MW for Ghana in 2022,” he said.

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“The reserve Margin which translates to 324MW, brings the total dependable capacity to 4,096MW.”

The announced dependable capacity of 3,861MW is what has struck a nerve for the Yapei Kusawgu legislator.

“From the Minister’s own figures Ghana has dependable capacity of 3,861MW which is below the required capacity? At this rate Ghana risk experiencing massive Dumsor if nothing is done urgently.”

He demanded the government ensures transparency by outlining the components that make up the “so-called 17bn cedis payments on excess capacity.”

“So the question to Dr. Bawumiah is; where did you conjure those so-called excess capacity payments.

“We insist the Government publishes the breakdown of the so-called 17bn cedis payments on excess capacity,” he said adding that “the deception is getting nauseating to say the least.”

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