Presby Church members divided as church outdoors official mansion for Moderator


A new residence (Manse) for the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana  has sparked divided opinions about whether the church could have used its money more “wisely”.

Whereas some church members welcome the gesture, others criticized it as profligate and unnecessary with many more also demanding for accountability regarding the full cost of the official residence.

The new residence (Mantse) was being dedicated to the Glory of God at Osu Kukuhill and will serve as the official residence of the moderators of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Read some reactions:

Please how much was used if I may ask, as a concern member of the church I think it will be good you tell us the cost

Come to deprive areas ,  there is no church buildings , some are still having churches in classroom,  that is why the Pentecost church is taking all over,  we don’t even know when the TV station,  will be aired. Asomdwe nka mo

Beautiful ediface built by the very poor people in the church which is going to be occupied by the rich……… Our members continue to live in poor and the church cannot help them .. sometimes I feel very sad but …. U is ok

Wow…. it’s beautiful…Glory be to God

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21st century design. Good we can move away from the hen coops we build as residences.

Wish our schools, hospitals, market spaces and lorry stations , Bungalows of doctors, nurses , teachers, service personnel can come with proper designs like this😀

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The church needs to think about the poor members as well.  Some are struggling for their daily bread not to think about accommodation

Thank God for this wonderful edifice

Today that the moderator has got a home with is the church property, look at the comments? yet when something good is posted here only few people react. it’s well. the work of the Lord will continue to be done to his Glory.

Nice but sometimes let’s consider we the church members as well someone need just100 gh to start a trade and it’s even hard for the person but this same member will pay money to be used as assessment and will be sent to the national level


Abena Gadaffi Aàaaw… My good sister, I am a youth minister but won’t support this point today. In the Church a MANSE is the first point of contact for every minister. For 4years, the Moderator didn’t have an official MANSE. I’m sure this edifice needs commendation. Let’s praise where praise is due and condemn where necessary. This one is highly commendable wae!

Nice one but the word ‘new’ means there was one.

My question is how many locals need church buildings?

Every COP congregation that has more than 50 members receive GHS40,000 support for church building as of 2017(I don’t know how much they give now).

Our church is not trying at all.

I hope the admin will channel concerns here to the appropriate authorities.




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