SAD: Prisoner shivers as he eats last meal before he’s killed. (VIDEO)

ged prisoner on death row eating his last meal before he is killed has emerged and left many people in a state of sadness.

Full of fear of the fate that awaits him after the meal, he is seen in the video turning his face intermittently to watch what looks like officers standing behind him.

The footage has triggered numerous reactions, with many social media users expressing sadness and wondering whether the alleged convict had an appetite for the food or if he was just eating for the sake of it.

nt1, an Instagram page that shared the video, captioned it: “Haaaaaa!! Words in the streets Are that this death row prisoner is having his last meal before being executed. Watch how he’s trembling cause he knows

de@th is staring at him. May God forgive him his sins. Crime No Dey Pay.”



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