SHOCK: Man turns into a cow after sleeping with a married woman – WATCH





In a video doing rounds on social media, the man is seen sitting on the ground, sobbing.

His legs had turned into a cow’s trotters, and he had grown a tail, which was wiggling from behind him.

The man is crying like a human being, but in between the sobs, he is making the mooing sounds like a cow.

As he moos, a group of people surrounds him in utter shock and bemusement, taking videos of the strange and dramatic incident. They inspect his trotters and take videos of his tail.


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The publication is still ascertaining the video’s authenticity as no details indicate where the video was shot.

However, towards the end, a man with an East African accent narrates the incident.

This guy was bewitched and turned into a cow after sleeping with someone’s wife.

I feel sorry for this guy but let this serve as a lesson to people who like to sleep with people’s wives. There are a lot of single women out there.

Some people from the African tradition believe that a man can “fix” his wife using juju such that when another man sleeps with her, problems befall him.

Some will be stuck during s.e.x, while some will have a never-ending erection.





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