Teacher Kwadwo finally releases secret video of the dirty games of GES he recorded that triggered them to sack him – Video



Months after being sacked as a professional teacher, Teacher Kwadwo has released the secret video of some of the dirty games of some GES officials he recorded that triggered them to terminate his contract as a teacher.

Recall that somewhat last year, Teacher Kwadwo stood on his toes and fought the officials of Ghana Education Service following the ugly services they were rendering to teachers and students all over the country.

Teacher Kwadwo together with some brave teachers took to themselves to bring out some dilapidated schools that have been abandoned for years and ones that have been newly built but left in the bushes.

The fight got tense when officials of GES tried to stop Teacher Kwadwo from exposing their evil deeds but he did not stop.

At the back and forth of it all, Teacher Kwadwo was sacked for breaching the laws of GES.



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Well, a few months down the lane, the comedian has taken to his Facebook page to release one particular video that according to him triggered the GES to kick him out of the service.

In the video, there are newly built 6-unit block classrooms and even more for the students but the classrooms are turned into rooms for Forestry Commission officials while the headmaster, teachers and the students sit under a death trap rooms to teach and learn.

Teacher Kwadwo while sharing the video noted that he was forced to delete the video and when he failed to do so, he was sacked.

He noted that he initially did not want to release the video but each time he watches the video, he gets angry hence his decision to drop it today.

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Watch the video below;



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