Woman shares testimony, praises Agradaa for giving her child after 5 years of marriage without child

time in her marriage.
Married woman with no child for her husband after 5 years of marriage has praised Agradaa for praying for her to conceive.

Sharing her testimony in church, the woman said her first time in Agradaa’s church was last month.

On the said day, Evangelist Mama Pat alias Agradaa said in church that those pregnant should come out for prayers but no one stood up.

She then prophesied that very soon there will be many pregnant women in the church and that when the testimony woman responded “Amen”

Agradaa repeated it again and asked those looking for child to response “Amen” to which this woman responded.

According to the woman she returned home and in a month time she started showing pregnancy symptoms so she asked herself that could it be the Amen she said to the prophesy? and said if yes then Mama Pat’s God is fast ooo”

She said she had given up on her search for a pregnancy for her husband because she’s been roaming many churches in search for child since she married the man 5 years ago.



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